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Mar 18, 2013

This is just wrong...

When an order for 6,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies was made to two Girl Scout troops in Oregon, the girls couldn't believe it.

Mar 18, 2013

If your Spring break plans include a trip to Disney with your Tweens, there's something you need to know, especially if you were hoping to have some quiet time while your kids head to the park for some fun.

Mar 15, 2013

By now, most of you are up. Some are getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast, packing lunches... ready too begin another LONG day!  And many of you are exhausted and you've promised yourself, "I'll get more rest." But it's tough and there are plenty of reasons WHY we are so tired. 

"I am working too much." Long hours. 

"I am stretched too thin!" Doing too much"

Mar 14, 2013

Of all the things this mom has found in her daughter's room, she said this one sickened her. 

Amy Cheney, mother of three, had gone into her daughter's room to put away some things and there on the floor amongst her Polly Pockets and friendship bracelets was a weight-loss plan.  You might say, "Well that isn't so bad, what's on the list?


Among the foods that her daughter was allowing herself to eat were:

- "appals"

The exercises on the list included:

Mar 14, 2013

Spring Break is right around the corner for a lot of kids and their families.

If you’re family is split on where to go perhaps you can let a website chose for you.

Mar 13, 2013

A pill that could help people to live to be 150 years old may be available within five years. The new drug contains a synthetic version of resveratrol, an anti-aging ingredient found in red wine. Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has been testing the drug on patients suffering with medical conditions including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. David Sinclair, a Harvard genetics professor, writes in the journal Science: "Ultimately, these drugs would treat one disease, but unlike drugs of today, they would prevent 20 others. In effect, they would slow aging.

Mar 11, 2013

A new study finds that money really does talk when it comes to motivating people to lose weight. 

Mar 11, 2013

We play the commercials, you may have seen them on TV about a revolutionary diet craze called "Sensa". It's this produce you sprinkle on your food and supposedly you start loosing weight. The ad claims: You eat your favorite foods without counting calories, deprivation, or cravings. All you do is sprinkle everything you eat with flavor-enhancing Sensa crystals, and you'll lose weight.

Mar 11, 2013

Guns in school... the topic continues and the questions remain. What's the best way to protect our children?

And last week, Dr. McIntyre talked about considering the funding and the need to put an officer in our schools at a budget of 1.9 million dollars. (It comes down to $34 per student in additional spending) Is that the best alternative? Or should we look at what South Dakota has passed. 

Mar 11, 2013

A new study has found that sick employees will “contaminate” half of the total employees and surfaces in an office within four hours. University of Arizona microbiologist Kelly Reynolds targeted an office building of 80 people and gave 10 people a “surrogate virus,” which infects bacteria but has no ill effect on humans. She was surprised at how quickly the virus spread: “It seemed like people were very isolated in their offices.