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Jun 11, 2012

Really Good Password

Okay we all saw what happened last week with LinkedIn and EHarmony. (the passwords of over 6.5  million people like you and me were stolen) All the security experts were saying CHANGE your password now-  Especially if you use the SAME password for all your accounts. And start using different passwords for each account.


Phew!  What a pain in the passss...word that is!  And you know the rules:

Jun 11, 2012


The principal of PS 90 in Coney Island, New York said the students will not be allowed to perform Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" during their kindergarten graduation ceremony for fear of offending other cultures.

Principal Greta Hawkins heard the children rehearsing one day and told teachers to drop the song, explaining, "We don't want to offend other cultures." The principal's decision has caused some disagreement among parents and other teachers.

Jun 8, 2012


It's nearly Summer time and the kids are out of school running around everywhere and it just takes a moment for your child to go missing.  And when or if they do, you want EVERYBODY helping. Thats why we issue the Amber alerts and post pictures.


The Today Show did an experiment to find out and it was an EYE OPENER!

Jun 8, 2012


This next big news may make you stop and THINK before you touch your phone in the car....

17 year old Aaron Deveau will spend the next year of his life behind bars thinking about what he did and how his actions took the life of Donald Bowley.

Jun 8, 2012


Pop quiz time, parents. Did your kid actually earn the grade he got on his last test? Are you sure?

Maybe this will help you decide: a high school teacher has been suspended from his job for actually giving kids a 0 if they didn't turn in their homework or skipped a quiz.

Jun 8, 2012


So many people throughout Knoxville are still without jobs or are now only working part-time because of this struggling economy.


While it may not be exactly what you want, it is work and it can sustain you...


Hundreds of jobs are expected to be added among more than a half dozen eateries that will open in Knox County in the coming months, including several national restaurant chains.


Jun 7, 2012


Ah this was just such a beautiful story that we saw yesterday. 2 year old Cooper LaScala was born with profound hearing loss.  His parents had NO forewarning....

No one in their family was deaf but the couple was each carrying a gene that would affect Cooper.

Jun 7, 2012


They got us again!  Hacked another website and this time you may actually be affected.

I dont know HOW many times a day, I get those Linkedin requests and yes, I finally joined. I wanted to stay connected- to network in the biz so that i would have contacts throughout the industry. 

And now it's been HACKED! 

Some Russian spy or web forum stole 6.4 million passwords.  The social networking website LinkedIn is investigating claims that more than 6 million passwords.

Jun 7, 2012


You may be beaming with pride as your child walks across the stage to pick up that hard-earned diploma. But you'd better not do that beaming out loud, especially if you're at certain ceremonies right here in the United States.

A proud South Carolina mother is in big trouble for what she did at her daughters high-school graduation ceremony last weekend.

Jun 7, 2012


Despite a recent Supreme Court ruling overturning his previous decision to grant new trials, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood has once again granted new trials for three of the four defendants in the Christian-Newsom cases.

Judge Blackwood issued his short, two-page order on Tuesday.

In it, he acknowledges that he has reviewed his previous order based upon the mandate from the Tennessee Supreme Court.