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Jul 18, 2011

Mind Game:

Carry out the following test. Perform each task as quickly as possible and move on the the next. There's no need to write anything down, just do the work in your head one problem at a time. Here you go:

How much is

15 + 6

3 + 56

89 + 2

12 + 53

75 + 26

25 + 52

63 + 32

Keep going, almost done...

123 + 5

Now, quick, think about a tool and a color.





Chances are you are now thinking about a....

Jul 8, 2011
If you haven't seen this, you have to check it out. It starts out pretty normal but then takes a turn for the hilarious-​=mTTwcCVajAc
Jun 29, 2011

In this heartwarming video, two kids receive a large present. They are so excited to see what it is, and when they unwrap it, they discover the best gift of all -- their military dad home early...Check it out! 

Jun 29, 2011

2 Cellos is a new European sensation who cover popular songs on dueling cellos. They will be releasing their new album next month. Here's a link to their website and below is a link to their videos, which are equally visually incredible as well as musically stunning.
Smooth Criminal-

Jun 24, 2011

Here's a good list of the Utility District numbers if you are experiencing problems.  Keep in mind, they are working as quickly as possible, please have patience.

Jun 17, 2011

Ric Elias had an amazing story about "changing" after he survived the Miracle on the Hudson landing.  Listen to his audio.

Jun 14, 2011

While school (public school) is pretty much free, camps, vacations, afternoons at the movies, and ice cream runs aren't. Summer can be expensive! Here are seven websites that offer discounts that can help save you some cash this summer:AAA If you have a AAA card, but never think about it except when you're in need of roadside assistance, think again. Your card will get you discounts at a variety of theme parks, museums, zoos, and hotels.

May 24, 2011

A devastating tornado destroyed the southwest Missouri city of Joplin during the weekend.The death toll from Sunday's twister was raised to 116 Monday afternoon, but the city said rescue efforts Monday led to the discovery of seven survivors. Much of the city was leveled, and many Missourians are now homeless and lost their possessions to the storm.Below is a list of some non-profit agencies and ways viewers can respond to Sunday's disaster: By Text Message

May 12, 2011

Helping your child master these simple rules of etiquette will get him noticed -- for all the right reasons.Your child's rude attitude isn't always intentional. Sometimes kids just don't realize it's impolite to interrupt, pick their nose, or loudly observe that the lady walking in front of them has a large behind! And in the hustle and bustle of daily life, busy moms and dads don't always have the time to focus on etiquette. But if you reinforce these 25 must-do manners, you'll raise a polite, kind, well-liked child.- Manner #1