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Dec 15, 2010

Energy levels, attention to detail and creative abilities change throughout each day.  Based on your normal daily rhythms, here are some of the best times to accomplish certain

Dec 15, 2010

Women's Health magazine reports the average American puts away 600 more calories a day than usual in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Add it all up, and that comes out to an extra six pounds.

Dec 12, 2010

Here's what we have so far from WBIR TV

All closings are for tomorrow Monday, December  13th

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Dec 10, 2010

The holidays can be very stressful --what can you do to ease the pressure?

Dec 3, 2010

Santa will send a FREE personalized video message to your children, parents and friends.  Click on Santa's site

Dec 2, 2010

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Dec 1, 2010

The Better Business Bureau and McAfee warn ... 'Tis the season for holiday scams. Here's their list of the 12 Scams of Christmas:<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Nov 29, 2010


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Nov 29, 2010

  • 1. Protect Your Computer. Never go online without current firewall, antivirus and antispyware software. Prevent neighbors and cyber spies from watching you online by securing your wireless connection with a strong password.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Nov 22, 2010

As you get ready to shop for Christmas, here's a list of what kids want!  The Best Toys of 2010 for girls and boys.  SHOP HERE