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Oct 20, 2010

The following are the nine most unproductive assumptions, myths, and platitudes I’ve been hearing in the course of this debate.  1.

Oct 19, 2010

Ladies, you want to make him feel GREAT!  Here's what he wants to hear:"You look great." -- This is an especially good compliment if he's been going to the gym. C'mon ...

Oct 18, 2010

   A British psychologist named DONNA DAWSON is studying the science behind skivvies. Yahoo!.com reports the good doctor conducted a poll about chonies and claims the color of undergarments says a lot about a woman's personality --and sex style!   --Nude. Gals that prefer flesh tones are natural, easy-going, down-to-earth and transparent.   --Red. These passionate women are energetic, driven and not shy about asking for what they want.

Oct 18, 2010

It's a sad fact -- but eventually you might have to face the fact that too-tight tank tops and super low-rise jeans are just too young looking for you.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Oct 15, 2010

Here are some great tips on parenting:

Oct 14, 2010

CNN Money has the list:  A few promising professions on the list are CPA and Physical Therapist.  Take a look at the full list by clicking here!

Oct 14, 2010

ALWAYS check with your Doctor especially if you are at high risk!  MYTH: The radiation in mammograms is risky.  FACT: The r

Oct 8, 2010

How would you like a copy?  We have a limited number of his NEW book.... be one of the first to email us to win! E-mail and put Safe Haven as the subject.

Oct 6, 2010

Nothing captures the playful spookiness of Halloween more than glowing jack-o'-lanterns. So rev up your creative juices with our seven ready-to-carve designs.   CLICK HERE to download these stencils! 

Oct 5, 2010

Is there some "insight" into the REAL you just from the first letter of your name?  MAYBE!  Click here to check it out.