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Sep 30, 2010

The toy manufacturer is recalling nearly 10 million toys because they are dangerous.  The recall includes tricycles, cars, baby play areas, and types of high chairs.Click here to find out which toys are being recalled.

Sep 29, 2010

The early-morning scramble is probably underway in your house right now.  Here are some tips to try: 

Sep 28, 2010

Check out this story. A Florida mother was arrested after she encouraged her teen daughter to fight. What's sad about this story is you can hear the mother in the video cheering her daughter on. Should this mother lose her parental rights or serve jail time. What do you think? Click here to watch the video.

Sep 27, 2010

Want to spend just 15 minutes per week and save $100 a month? Follow these four steps from brains behind The Krazy Coupon Lady dot-com website and the new book "Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey," which is being hailed as "the coupon bible." 

Sep 22, 2010

Toys R Us has officially identified what its panel of experts believes will be the hot toys this holiday season. So for those who like to get an early start, a very early start in this case, on holiday shopping, Walletpop presents the Toys R Us Hot Holiday Toys List, hot off the presses.See full article from WalletPop:

Sep 22, 2010

This father took matters into his own hands after finding out his daughter was being bullied on the school bus. Check out the story and what do you think? Brad says there's no way he should have to apologize. Click here for the story.

Sep 21, 2010

Seven powerful, homemade cold remedies that will save you a trip to the drugstore and help you to fight the common cold safely and naturally:

Sep 20, 2010

It's one of life's simple but powerful truths: When you focus on other people rather than yourself, you make a positive difference for both of you. Taking time to make others feel good may be one of the most gratifying things you do.

Sep 16, 2010

#1 Eat Cheetos off china
Use plates and utensils whenever you snack, and sit down to enjoy your nibble, even if it's for only 20 minutes. 
Break out the good tableware: Using ceramic plates and cloth napkins also made diners more likely to consider food a meal.
#2 Carry more cash
Keep dollars and cents on hand when you head to Starbucks, happy hour or dinner out. 
People who pay for their food with cash make healthier purchases than people who pay with debit or credit cards
#3 Do Downward Dog

Sep 14, 2010

Health experts now believe that certain foods can help you get a new and improved head on your shoulder.
Here are some of the top foods you should be eating for added brain power:
Researchers believe that coffee's caffeine add ample antioxidants and are the keys to its protective affects.
To get the most quercetin bang for your buck, be sure to eat your apples with their skins on since that's where you'll find most of their quercetin.