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Aug 24, 2010

If you think ordering salad is always the healthy option, think again.  Lettuce isn't fattening, but it's the salads today and all the extras where the fat and calories are.  I

Aug 23, 2010

7:15 am  13 Tips for Selling Your Home  We’ve all heard about how “bad” the real estate market is. But what’s bad for sellers can be good for buyers, and these days, savvy buyers are out in spades trying to take advantage of the buyer’s market.

Aug 18, 2010


Jun 2, 2010

WHICH PROTEIN BAR IS BEST?  Nutrition bars have come a long way. What used to taste like bland cardboard can now easily be confused with a candy bar.

Jun 2, 2010

Ladies, we can be GREAT bosses and leaders and here are some great tips and recommended reading by the BEST women in the "biz."  These savy women get their inspiration from somewhere!  So, what's on their nightstands.

May 28, 2010

6:10 – Top 5 Things You Should Know 

May 20, 2010

5:45 – Talk with Mike Witcher from WBIR about our weekend forecast  6:10 – Top 5 Things You Need to Know   6:25 – Jump Ropin’ For Haiti   6:40 – Watch out, there’s another virus on Facebook  6:55 – The most dangerous sport for girls is?  7:10 – Things to do in a day, we have a co-worker who needs ideas for his mother is coming to visit this weekend   7:25 – College Scholarships.

May 20, 2010

6:10 am  Top 5 Things You Need to Know  6:25 am  American Idol update!!!!!!  Casey is gone.  Crystal and Lee will sing off on Tuesday...the winner will be announced on Wednesday.  6:40 am  Check out the website:   6:55 am  Justin Bieber says...."He's a great kisser!"  wahoooo    7:10 am  John Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, is pregnant at 47.  Will this start a baby-trend?  7:25 am  Co

May 19, 2010

6:10 am The Top 5 Things You Need to Know   6:25 am Remember this:    1992 Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco      1992 Dan Quayle proclaimed that the "Murphy Brown" show was a "poverty of  values!"...which then lead to the L.A riots.  6:40 am 5 Fast Fixes for your relationship:  This from

May 16, 2010

5:45 – Talk with Mike Witcher from WBIR 
6:10 – Top 5 Things You Should Know  
6:25 – Ashley & Brad Scholarship Fund  
6:40 – BP looking for suggestions on plugging the oil leak  
6:55 – Jump Ropin’ For Haiti  
7:10 – Ashley & Brad Scholarship fund  
7:25 – If you qualified for Shopping Spree here are the details          
7:40 – What age should you allow your child to go to the restroom without a parent?