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Bread "Codes" for Freshness

Here are the BREAD "codes" for freshness: 

Monday:  Blue Tag

Tuesday:  Green Tag

Wednesday:  NO BREAD BAKED

Thursday:   Red Tag

Friday:   White Tag

Saturday:  Yellow Tag


Little Ward

This is just soooo's 7 minutes of pure wonder.  Watch it and fall in love with your kids again.



We know you love your pets and there's a huge Pet Food Recall:
All Innova, California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma branded dry pet food and biscuit treats with expiration dates prior to June 10, 2014. Please throw these out immediately and click on the link below for a FULL refund.


Help Fight Hunger

This is just something we wanted to pass along to you because it's sooo easy to help....did you know that 1 in 6 Tennesseans will go hungry tonight.
1 in 5 children may get just 1 meal today but be hungry tonight.

But there's a way to help our local food bank...second harvest!

Weighing IN!

Want to lose weight?  ABSOLUTELY!  But what really works?  Check out the top rated diets right here!   Lose it!

The boy with the "kindest heart!"

Jared Stevens is a 13 year old boy with cerebal palsy and Justin Kievit is the boy who wrestled him.  Watch and see what happens!

Dine to Donate


This is the week to EAT and support S.A.R.G!  Stop by any area Salsarita's, enjoy delicious food, then just let your cashier know "This order is for SARG!"  And a portion of the bill goes to help S.A.R.G to help animals find a good home!  "Dine to Donate" is November 9-16th.


Start making your plans to attend one of the 17 women's or 12 men's games this week during The Southeastern Conference's.

AHHH I cannot resist the surprise videos of soldiers!

In this heartwarming video, two kids receive a large present. They are so excited to see what it is, and when they unwrap it, they discover the best gift of all -- their military dad home early...Check it out! 

Utility Numbers

Here's a good list of the Utility District numbers if you are experiencing problems.  Keep in mind, they are working as quickly as possible, please have patience.

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