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Thursday Morning:

7:20 am  Listen for your cue to call in and qualify for "The Ultimate Shopping Spree."7:40 am  Our child expert joins us to answer your questions on "Bullying."   How to protect your child...or how to stop your child from being a bully.8:15 am  Are you HAPPY at work?  Really?  We can help!

The T-shirt that caused the SUSPENSION

We received this email:  Dear Ashley & Brad,I am so devastated over my daughters school’s decision to suspend her for a day, for wearing what they thought was an offensive t-shirt. Just to let you know, I am going thru treatments for breast cancer.

Wednesday Morning:

6:40 am  Who do you want to see "dancing away" from DWTS?  Kate? Buzz? We'll have the update.  7:15 am  Ashley and Brad Wednesday Weather Kid7:40 am  She was suspended from school for wearing this!8:10 am  We'll give the KEYS to being happy at work.

Once a cheater....

Everyone's heard about Sandra Bullock's cheating husband Jesse James. Now, rumors are swirling that Sandra's ready to file for divorce, but here's the kicker: their pre-nup said Jesse would get ZERO if he were ever caught cheating.  So, was Sandra thinking he MIGHT cheat all along?

Tuesday Morning:

Wow!  Prom dresses are very skimpy this year.  I would almost be embarrassed for my daughter to be seen in some of these outfits.  What happened to elegance and sophistication? 

Tuesday Morning

6:40 am:  Is your child being "BULLIED?"  We'll give you the signs.   7:20 am: Get qualified for our "Ultimate Spring Shopping Spree"  and 7:40 am  This year's Prom dresses are...well...slutty. 

Coming up

7:40 am: Your pet's special treat.   7:55 am:  Could you name your child "Volunteer?"   8:10am:  The Wheel of Gift Cards

Monday Morning

Waking up early and we've got alot coming up this morning!  6:40 am:  we're going to tell you how to get what you want from him.  6:55 am: Death threats on Dancing with the Stars.  7:20 am:  Our first Qualifier for The Ultimate Shopping Spree. 

Monday morning

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.  On Monday, join us for some morning fun:  at 6:40 am we'll give you the secret to getting what you want from him... at 7:20 am we'll take our first qualifier for our "Ultimate Shopping Spree"... and then at 7:40 am we love our pets and you won't believe what some folks give their beloved pets for their birthday...hahaha

Good Friday

Good morning everyone.  Good Friday.  Banks are open, mail will be delivered BUT the Library, City and County offices, and the Stock markets are closed.

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