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Poem For The Town of Newtown, CT

Here is the special poem someone sent to us remember those lives lost on December 14, 2012. Never forget! Here's the email.


My wife wrote a poem this morning as she was thinking about the shootings in Connecticut. I would like to share the poem with all of you...I would also like to say--put down your cell phones and play with your kids today.....and every day. I see people (myself included) often placing so much time and emphasis on unimportant things. Re-focus your life where it needs to be. God and family. Here is Cameo's poem. If you like it, feel free to share:

Older Couple Gives Great Marriage Advice

These grandparents offer some great advice for their grandson on the keys to a successful marriage. Very cute. Click here to watch.

Update on baby Avery we told you about

We passed along a story about the parents of baby Avery and the bucket list they had for her. She has a rare genetic disorder called SMA and wasn't going to live past the age of 2. Unfortunately, she passed away on Monday. Check out her blog here.

The biggest concern for parents this year?

According to a recent survey, parents' top concerns for their children this school year is sexting, the practice of sending racy and inappropriate text and picture messages via cell phone.

Nearly half of the parents polled (49%) listed their top concern as sexting, followed by text messaging at 33%.

Here’s the sad part, 49% of respondents said their child had received an inappropriate text message or picture, and 21% reported their child has received a sext.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Check out our Halloween greeting! Click here

Ohio teen accused of drinking

An Ohio teen was kicked of the cheerleading squad for drinking. Read the story and take a look at the pictures. If the teen is telling the truth, why doesn't the mother find the original picture and not the cropped photo. Click here for the story.

Mother encourages teen daughter to fight another teen

Check out this story. A Florida mother was arrested after she encouraged her teen daughter to fight. What's sad about this story is you can hear the mother in the video cheering her daughter on. Should this mother lose her parental rights or serve jail time. What do you think? Click here to watch the video.

Dad Goes Nuts On School Bus

This father took matters into his own hands after finding out his daughter was being bullied on the school bus. Check out the story and what do you think? Brad says there's no way he should have to apologize. Click here for the story.

6 Weird Diet Tricks That Work

#1 Eat Cheetos off china
Use plates and utensils whenever you snack, and sit down to enjoy your nibble, even if it's for only 20 minutes. 
Break out the good tableware: Using ceramic plates and cloth napkins also made diners more likely to consider food a meal.
#2 Carry more cash
Keep dollars and cents on hand when you head to Starbucks, happy hour or dinner out. 
People who pay for their food with cash make healthier purchases than people who pay with debit or credit cards
#3 Do Downward Dog

Foods For The Brain

Health experts now believe that certain foods can help you get a new and improved head on your shoulder.
Here are some of the top foods you should be eating for added brain power:
Researchers believe that coffee's caffeine add ample antioxidants and are the keys to its protective affects.
To get the most quercetin bang for your buck, be sure to eat your apples with their skins on since that's where you'll find most of their quercetin.

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