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Morning After Pill Now Available Over the Counter TO ALL AGES!

A federal judge has ruled that the government must make the morning-after pill available over the counter for all ages, instead of requiring a prescription for girls 16 and younger. The decision counteracts an unprecedented move by the Obama administration, which in 2011 overruled a recommendation by the Food and Drug Administration to make the pill, typically taken as a precaution the morning after unprotected sex, available for all ages without a prescription. Judge Edward R.

Teens In Luck This Summer- Get to Work!

Managers who plan to hire hourly summer workers expect to add an average of 30 workers this year, up from 27 last year, according to a survey conducted on behalf of the job placement company Snagajob. The Ipsos survey of 1,005 seasonal hiring managers found that 68 percent plan to hire summer workers this year.


They should find plenty of willing applicants.

Refusing to Say Sorry Better Than Apologizing?

I was thinking of "SORRY" songs yesterday: 

Elton John:  Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

Chicago:  Its hard for me to say I'm sorry...


And you know what, these guys just might be onto something...


Even though psychologists will tell you that apologizing is cleansing and it helps you get any guilt off your chest, apparently they are wrong!


Women Still Unable to Pass Marine Course

The gals gave it a go again... but did not make it through.


Two female officers entered the demanding Marine Infantry Officer Course last week — only the second time in the history of the course that women have been allowed to compete to become ground combat leaders — but neither passed the grueling obstacle course on Thursday, military officials said.


The women made it through the first few days of the course.


Teens moving on from Facebook

Experts say teenagers are dumping Facebook and turning to messaging applications on their smartphones like Whatsapp, Messageme, LINE, KakaoTalk, Kik and Wechat. The apps allow teens to share pictures, messages and even make calls without leaving any trace of who they’ve been speaking to on a parents' phone bill. Parents who have become savvy about Facebook tend to know less about the new messaging apps, which don't enforce Facebook’s 13-year-old age minimum.


PARENTS, Be advised...

"Is It Ok to Forgive and Accept It As A Mistake?"

The following was posted on reddit...


9 Year Old Shows Bravery To Try and Save Father

This is just an amazing story of courage and resourcefulness from a 9 year old girl.

Celia Renteria was in the car with her father late Sunday night.  This happened in Los Angeles where they have some pretty hilly terrain and treacherous curved roads and investigators say it looked like the car missed one of the curves and just careened off the road. The vehicle landed 200 feet down a ravine in a Canyon area where it rolled several times before it came to rest at the bottom.

Key To Weight Loss In In The Breath

This was some wild news yesterday, but the key to losing weight could be in your breath! ( I just knew it had SOMETHING to do with my mouth)

Apparently it's all about the microbes and gases... 

Parenting Advice From Mick Jagger?!?!

Here are six words I thought I'd never hear myself say: "I can relate to Mick Jagger."

Parenting has finally hit Mick right between the eyes. Yep, the 69-year-old British rock 'n' roll superstar has been faced with parenting issues just like an average American parent.  It's just on a bigger scale than most of us...

Jerry Hall, his ex, has been spilling the beans over one of their big ISSUES.

The kids are now in their 20's and Jerry has been pressuring Mick to dip into his fortune (estimated at about $300 million) and buy the kids some stuff...

Spring Break At The Zoo!

Buy One, Get One Half-Off
March 25 - 29, 2013

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