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No Honors Night!

Massachusetts principal calls off Honors Night because it could be 'devastating' to students who missed mark

A Massachusetts principal has been criticized for canceling his school's Honors Night, saying it could be 'devastating' to the students who worked hard, but fell short of the gr

Average Wedding Cost Jumps Up!

OH my word!  How are you folks getting by?  

THE PRICE of weddings!  HELLO!

You know the rule of thumb used to be that the parents of the bride pay for the wedding, but do folks split that now?

New CVS Policy Causes Uproar

CVS is asking their employees to tell them how much they weigh -- or pay a $600-a-year-fine.


It's not just cruel and unusual punishment. The drug-store chain is asking employees to share the information with the company's insurance carrier or pay $50 a month extra for health coverage. Employees are also asked to share their height, body fat and blood pressure.

Healthiest Counties

Where are the healthiest people living in East Tennessee?

Ali Baba's Closes Up Shop

They closed their doors yesterday.


Grouping By Learning Level and Pace

New findings based on more than 20 years of research suggest that despite decades of controversy, elementary school teachers now feel fine placing students in "ability groups."<p style="font-family: Palatino, Georgia, Times, 'Times New Roman', serif; font

Girl Scouts Get Pranked

This is just wrong...

When an order for 6,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies was made to two Girl Scout troops in Oregon, the girls couldn't believe it.

Disney Adds A New Rule

If your Spring break plans include a trip to Disney with your Tweens, there's something you need to know, especially if you were hoping to have some quiet time while your kids head to the park for some fun.

The Key To Sleeping More

By now, most of you are up. Some are getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast, packing lunches... ready too begin another LONG day!  And many of you are exhausted and you've promised yourself, "I'll get more rest." But it's tough and there are plenty of reasons WHY we are so tired. 

"I am working too much." Long hours. 

"I am stretched too thin!" Doing too much"

"Diyet Plan"

Of all the things this mom has found in her daughter's room, she said this one sickened her. 

Amy Cheney, mother of three, had gone into her daughter's room to put away some things and there on the floor amongst her Polly Pockets and friendship bracelets was a weight-loss plan.  You might say, "Well that isn't so bad, what's on the list?


Among the foods that her daughter was allowing herself to eat were:

- "appals"

The exercises on the list included:

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