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Speeding In Knoxville

Is there a speeding problem in your subdivision? The City of Knoxville wants to hear about it.

The City of Knoxville is holding a series of public meetings to respond to citizen concerns about speeding in residential neighborhoods.


Sinkholes like the ones that have formed recently in Florida are caused by ground water eroding soft rock such as limestone several feet below the surface. When the limestone gets washed away enough by underground streams, the soil above can collapse, causing a sinkhole.  

Raw Short Film About Texting and Driving

You have to see this flim about texting and driving. Every teen should see it.

Follow the link below:



Hacking into In-Home Webcams- It's Real!

How many of you have a "nanny cam" or "baby monitor with video"?

16 Year Old Victim Opens Up On Social Media?

Kidnap victim Hannah Anderson appeared to open up about her ordeal Tuesday on the social media question-and-answer website Ask.fm.

A person who appeared to be the 16-year-old Californian, who was rescued last weekend after being abducted by family friend James DiMaggio, said she was "answering these questions so people know the truth."

The account had been active prior to Anderson's abduction and she posted a photo of herself when users questioned the validity of the account.

Can You Pass A 100 Year Old 8th Grade Exam?

As Knox County students head back for the first day of school, something kind of fun was found in Kentucky last week that may be fun to try on your kids as they get ready. <span style="

Robbers Return Loot

It may be proof even thieves have consciences.

Millennials Staying Home With Parents

Remember when you couldn't wait to grow up and MOVE OUT from under the RULE of your parents?  

You wanted your own place so you could call the shots and make your own decisions.

TN Tax Free Weekend!

It's officially "Tennessee Annual Sales Tax Holiday!" Tax-free weekend has begun! It goes NOW through Sunday.  

Teachers in Arkansas Are Carrying...

As teachers in the school district of Clarksville, Arkansas gear up for fall classes, they'll be creating lesson plans, deciding on textbooks and making sure they have their handguns on the ready.

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