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8 Things To Never Put In Your Purse

8 Things

How much stuff do you have in your wallet?  Or ladies, you know that purse is laden with all kinds of stuff that not only increases your arm strength, strains your back, BUT can make you a TARGET for identity theft.   And all it takes is your name and Social Security number, identity thieves can open new credit accounts and make costly purchases in your name.

According to consumer-protection advocates there are 8 things you should

Boss Pays For Your Vacation


You’re gonna wanna work for this boss after you hear what he did.

Bart Lorang is the CEO of Denver-based internet start-up FullContact.

He always looks for and wants to keep the top talent, so he goes the extra mile to  to keep his employees happy and refreshed.


Here’s what he does. He offers his employees $7,500 for what he calls "paid, paid vacation," however there are rules.

One, you actually have to take a vacation to get the money.

Dying Wish: A BIG Tip


I think most everybody has heard the phrase "Pay It Forward" by now.  It is a concept of asking that a good deed be repaid by having it done for others instead. 

It is so nice when you can see a Pay it Forward in action; it helps renew your hope in the Human Spirit.  And this is one of those neat stories...

Man Finds Stolen Car 4 Decades Later


Texas Man Finds Stolen Car 42 Years Later-

Bob Russell could not be blamed for losing hope that he would reunite with his 1967 Austin-Healey. Stolen outside his Philadelphia apartment 42 years ago, the British roadster seemed a lost cause.

But thanks to the Internet and some creative police work, Russell has his pride and joy back.

Football Time in TN!!!


As fall and football season approach in Knoxville, the University of Tennessee is getting ready to offer tickets for sale.

This morning at 8:30 a.m., the sale begins for mini-plan and select single-game tickets.

The Tennessee Triple Option is a flexible mini-plan in which fans select either the Florida or Alabama game plus any two of the remaining five home games at a cost of $150.

Yahoo Hacked!

The hackers have hit again!  This time they posted login info for more than 450,000 Yahoo users.

Hackers posted online what they say is login information for more than 450,000 Yahoo users.

The hack, which of course was conducted anonymously, was meant to be a warning, according to the Web page where the documents were dumped.

The Most Powerful TV Events in the History of Television

Most Powerful TV Event

The Sept. 11th tragedy was the most powerful event in television history, according to a new study released Wednesday by Sony Electronics and Nielsen.

According to Nielsen's survey of 1,077 American adults, 9/11 was the most "universally impactful" televised moment of the last 50 years, followed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the O.J. Simpson verdict in 1995, the Challenger space shuttle disaster in 1986 and the death of Osama bin Laden last May.


Here are the top 20 events, according to the survey:

New Penn State Findings


Penn State alumni are trying to come to grips with the impact an investigation into the school's handling of the Jerry Sandusky scandal will have on Joe Paterno's legacy.

A report concludes that the late football coach and other top Penn State officials concealed what they knew about Sandusky's sexual abuse of children.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who led the probe, says he regrets any damage to Paterno's legacy, but the facts show he and others buried the allegations to avoid bad publicity.

What to Wear to a Job Interview

Interview Attire 

Jobs are slowly getting added in this economy, so if you’re looking for a job, go in to win!  There are new rules to the dress code for that interview and we’re gonna give you 6 strategies to help you get your foot in the door and on the pay roll.


1. Go undercover

Finding Hearts

The Purple Heart

This was just so heart touching for me, especially having served in the military and understanding the devotion that soldiers feel to their Country and their families.  The amazing sacrifices these brave men and women make and the courage it takes to stand and fight and even sometimes even die for their mission. 

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