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300 Square Feet


The Mayor of New York has launched a contest to stir development of tiny 300-square-foot apartments for singles.

Mayor Bloomberg calls them micro units for young singles willing to cram themselves into shoebox-sized digs.

The new flats will be just 275 to 300 square feet — larger than a jail cell but smaller than a mobile home.

The Mayor says the city’s demographics have changed, what it used to be the average household was a family, a couple of adults and some children.

Olympic Swimmers in Knoxville!


The Olympic Swim Team is in Knoxville?

Some of the biggest names in the Olympics are right here in Knoxville this week.

Everyone is invited to watch Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and the rest of the U.S. Olympic Swim Team practice Thursday morning.

The team includes two locals: Davis Tarwater and Claire Donahue.

The team has been in town all week practicing at the Allan Jones Aquatic Center on UT campus in closed practices, but they will open to the public for two hours Thursday.

Cut to Minimun Wage

Scranton Mayor Cuts All City Employees' Pay to Minimum Wage

The mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Chris Doherty, has controversially slashed the salary of all 398 city employees, including police and firemen, to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 hour in defiance of a judge's order, angering workers and leading to legal action.

Ten former police officers and firefighters on disability are suing the city in federal court. The disabled workers say their pay was reduced to minimum wage without the required hearing under Pennsylvania law.

Gator Fight


This is one tough kid!.

Did you hear the interview from the Florida teen Kaleb Langdale who recounted the frantic life and death struggle between him and an alligator?

He was talking to reporters from his hospital bed, less than 24 hours after the fight.

He’s 17 and despite being attacked by an 11-foot gator Monday while swimming with friends he’s in good spirits.

Here’s Kaleb describing what happened and how he got away.

Kahn Academy

Khan Academy, The Future of Education?

What is the future of education? Think about it... 

When we were in school, we all sat at desks, listened to the teacher, took tests, and went on field trips. Not a lot has changed in the classroom except the addition of computers. So, what is the next big step.

It’s been called “the teacher to the world;” some folks love it while others just aren’t sure. 

Grey Hotel


50 Shades Of Grey doesn’t end at the bookstore. So far the trilogy expecst to have sold more than 20 million copies by later this week.

Universal pictures are getting ready to do a film based on the first book in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy.


Now, you can live you Shades of Grey fantasy at 3 hotels in Seattle that offer packages with champagne, romantic room and even a “sexy black box” and more high end fun. LINKS ARE BELOW in case you are interested.




Okay, we are standing more than we NORMALLY do today because of a new study that has been released.  Yep, according to the experts (who watched us sit, 167,000 of us, for more than 5 hours a day), we can add 2 more years to our lives if we get up off our rear ends and stand. 


Man Steals From Sevier County Girl Scouts


It turned out to be a bad 4th of July for  a group of Girl Scouts in Sevier County.

The Girl Scouts in Sevier County gathered at Patriot Park on Independence Day to sell patriotic hats, sun visors, bouncy balls, temporary tattoos and glow sticks during the city's annual festivities.

The girls sold several thousand dollars worth of merchandise.

As the evening came to an end, the girls, parent volunteers and troop leaders looked to the sky to watch the fireworks.

Woman Abandons Special Needs Daughter At Bar


No charges expected against mom who abandoned daughter at Caryville bar


No charges are expected against an Illinois woman who abandoned her 19-year-old special-needs daughter at a Campbell County bar last month.

Eva Cameron of Algonquin, Ill., voluntarily returned today to Caryville to give police a statement regarding how she left her daughter at a bar and drove away, according to Caryville Assistant Police Chief Stephanie Smith.

3 Million Miles


This is just a fun story because you just don't see this happen anymore.  Keeping stuff! 

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