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Juvenile Punishment

Juvenile Court

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot give juvenile offenders life without parole as a mandatory sentence. The 5-4 decision in Miller v. Alabama raised some hard questions. Many states now have to both address past sentences under mandatory schemes and come up with a new rule for future sentences.

Outside the court, in the real world, this decision presents for many a difficult moment on an agonizing issue. Should kids be held responsible for their actions? Are they old enough to know better?


Tips to Avoid Leaving Kids in Cars


Here are some tips on how to make sure that never happens to you.

The safety group KidsAndCars.com calls it “Look Before You Lock” – if you drive your kids or grandkids around in the back seat of your car on a regular basis, make it a practice to always open the back door and look in the back seat before you leave your car.

Do it at home, at the supermarket, at work, at the daycare center, everywhere.

The Newest Phone Scam

It's a scam and folks are falling for it!  Another 2,000 folks fell for it last week. 

A multistate identity theft scam that claims President Barack Obama will pay your utility bills appears to have widened.

The scheme was first reported in May, when Dallas-based Atmos Energy warned its 3 million customers in 12 states that scammers had been asking for Social Security numbers to enroll in the faux federal program.

They Are Doing It: Sexting


We talk about this and talk about it and no one, no parent seems to think their teen is doing this...

BUT OBVIOUSLY they are. 


The stats speak for themselves. It hasn't stopped and it hasn't slowed down. You're gonna have to accept (and this is hard) it's COMMON.


More than a quarter of American teenagers sent nude photos of themselves electronically, and those who engaged in ‘sexting’ were almost twice as likely as their peers to have had sex, researchers found.

A Video to My Future Self


This is actually pretty ingenious.

Jeremiah McDonald, who is a filmmaker, has managed to answer all of the burning questions his 12-year-old self was dying to know ... 20 years later!

Here's how he did it: He took old video of himself, he's 12 in the footage. And he edited his 32 year old self in the video answering the questions he left for himself 20 years ago...  It's a pretty neat idea.


Discussing Your Finances


Last week while on vacation I had lunch with a friend of mine and we caught up on what’s ben going on with each other.

One topic that came up was about our kids. We talked about how much kids should know about grown up things and then he told me his kids, ages 11 and 13 know all about him and his wife’s finances.

I was like what? That’s crazy, kids don’t need to know how much mommy and daddy make, or how much they have in the bank. Everytime I’m doing bills if Rylee walks into the room I tell her I’m busy and come back later.

Women Are Better At Vacationing


A new travel survey found that women take control of vacation-planning -- from choosing the destination, to shopping for clothes and booking the transportation. The only things men are responsible for are getting the family to the airport, carrying the luggage and driving while abroad. 43% of women even insist on carrying all the passports when traveling, fearing their other half can't be trusted to have his own.





Summer Weather


Cooler weather is on the way this week.

Two weeks of oven-like temperatures had taken their toll: at least 46 deaths were tied to the heat over that period, according to a list compiled by the Weather Channel.

Virginia saw the most heat-related deaths with 10, followed by Maryland (9) and Illinois (6). Three of the dead were children, with the rest adults between 45 and 83.

Even here in Tennessee there were at least 2 known heat-related deaths.


Staying at the Hotel on Our Dime!


I know many of you have vacation plans and here's an eye opener: Be very careful when you check OUT of your hotel because a homeless man spent some pretty lavish nights on vacationers tickets. 

The guys name is David Price. He's been homeless for the past two years but NOT hotel-less!  He stayed at the Ritz Carlton, the Hard Rock Hotel, the Portofino Bay Hotel, the Peabody International, and the Four Seasons in Miami!

Sent to Jail For Helping Other Drivers Slow Down


 UH OH... We could be in trouble... N

ow I always thought THIS could NOT happen or at least you wouldn't get in trouble for it. But apparently, we may need to rethink things.

You know how sometimes as you're traveling down the highway and you see a cop with radar so you use your lights to signal the other cars ahead as if to say, "hey, slow down!"



A woman in Houston, Texas, was arrested and jailed for 12 hours after she held up a make-shift sign to warn drivers about a speed trap.

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