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Cheap Rent


Rising rent costs are pushing some families to take drastic measures.

One Texas family facing hard times has ditched apartment living for a cheaper option.

"You're not suppose to stay in storage units, but we didn't have a choice," said James Germany.

Imagine living in a 10 x 20 room and calling it your home. For the past three months James Germany and his wife, Regina, have been living in an Odessa storage unit.

According to James, when he couldn't find a place to live he had to take extreme measures.

Sunscreen in School


You may have heard about this, outrage from parents after a Tacoma school district denied two young girls from using sunscreen, causing the fair-skinned children to get severely sunburned.

Violet Michener, 11, and her sister Zoe, 9, were at an all-day school event last week on a day that started cloudy but soon cleared to bright sunshine.

The school refused to allow the girls to put on sunscreen, despite the fact that Zoe suffers from a condition that makes her sensitive to the sun.

We May Have the Solution


Perhaps this will curb your habit of talking and text on a cell phone while driving.

A 2010 study by the Highway Loss Data Institute, an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found that current texting bans are not reducing the risk or amount of crashes.

So some states are questioning whether tougher punishment is the answer.

Justin McNaull, director of state relations for auto club AAA, says seat belt studies show that when states impose higher fines, more motorists obey the laws.

Facebook Changes Again


I’m not sure what changes more, Facebook or the waether!?


Facebook is thinking about all the ways you can find more friends, including the ones around you. The social network has quietly rolled out a new feature called Find Friends Nearby.

Thai Anti Smoking Campaign


If you’ve tried everything to quit smoking maybe this anti-smoking PSA would encourage you.

Last week a Thai anti-smoking PSA was posted on YouTube and it’s gone viral.

And it must be working, because officials in Thailand says the national "quit smoking" hot line has had a 40 percent rise in calls since it went up.


* They are using little kids to trick smokers.


What is Your Child's Goal?


I never thought I would say this, but I’ve reached an age where I’m starting to sound like my parents about kids today.

What’s the cause for todays kids focusing on fame and fortune and not community and family.

One mom wanted to find out so she enlisted the help of a her colleague to conduct a survey asking people to identify the top values from popular TV shows spanning the past five decades.

Their research found that after 2007, "fame" was identified as the top value on the TV shows.

Bus Monitor Story Continues...


You’ve probably heard the story about Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor who’s video has gone world wide.

And a website was set up for people to donate money to give her a vacation to help erase that awful day.

Originally, the website was just asking for $5,000…as of today it’s over $600,000 in donations.

Karen is taking the high road and doesn't want her taunters prosecuted.

Is the negative publicity about the bullies punishment enough? What would you do if it were your kid?

"Cut It Off!"


A Utah mother says she felt intimidated in court when a judge told her that he would reduce her 13-year-old daughter's sentence if she chopped off the girl's ponytail in court — an offer the mother says she now wishes she hadn't taken.

A Warning For Summer


The right of Summer is over!

Add this to the list of things we used to do all the time as kids that have now been totally RUINED.

A new study by a company called Healthy Stuff is out to destroy the classic summer tradition of drinking water out of the garden hose. Because drinking that water COULD KILL YOU.

They tested 90 different garden hoses and found that ALL 90 contained levels of lead and phthalates that were higher than the safe levels set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Listener Email: "I Have a Fear of Flying"


Hey Ashley & Brad,

I love when you guys read listener emails and that your listeners offer advice on whatever the topic may be.

Well, I need some advice from anyone who is not afraid to fly.

I’m getting married in a month and my fiancé Julie and I were given a honeymoon gift from her grandparents. A trip to Fiji, all paid for and at an incredible resort.

They surprised us with this trip last weekend and Julie is so excited. I would be really excited too, if we could travel by car!

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