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RIP Richard Dawson


Former 'Family Feud' host Richard Dawson dies at 79.

Richard Dawson, the wisecracking British entertainer who was among the schemers in the 1960s TV comedy "Hogan's Heroes" and a decade later began kissing thousands of female contestants as host of the game show "Family Feud" has died. He was 79.

Dawson, also known to TV fans as the Cockney prisoner-of-war Cpl. Peter Newkirk on "Hogan's Heroes," died Saturday night from complications related to esophageal cancer at Ronald Reagan Memorial Hospital, his son Gary said.

Check in Married, Check out Divorced


Some new hotel chains could be making their way from Europe to the U.S. that may change how divorces are done.

It’s a type of hotel you can stay at when your marriage disintegrates, where you can meet with lawyers and notaries to make things official.      



Teenagers... This one word alone can make parents all over cringe. It seems teens and parents can't ever get on the same page on anything.

Well If there is one thing every teenager can agree about, it is this: Adults just don't get it.

Teenager problems are unique, hilarious, confusing, and -- if Monday evening's worldwide trending topic on Twitter was any indication -- often have to do with the existence of parents.

Knoxville Rickshaws?

Rickshaws in Knoxville?

Forget the trolley -- downtown Knoxville may soon offer a more exotic transportation option.

While much of this morning's CBID meeting was devoted to a discussion about various accounting questions, the real news is that CBID and the city are looking into the possibility of having pedicabs/rickshaws in the downtown area.

The Scope is hoping to learn more, but CBID executive director Michele Hummel said at the meeting that "there is a group wanting to do pedicabs or rickshaws in the downtown area."

Listener Email: "I Just Want to Enjoy My Time Left"

Dear Ashley and Brad


The Fountain of Youth!


How much would you pay for a taste of anti-aging?  And I do mean a taste! Is there really a bottle of special juice that could turn back the clock on wrinkles, dark spots, and other sun damage? According to researchers at the University of Utah, this fountain of youth might not be science fiction.

Listener Email: "Should We Switch to Private School?"


Good morning guys!

Now that the school year has ended my husband and I are again in a discussion about schools next year for our child.

Without giving much detail about us to protect our identity, our child gets great grades in a PUBLIC school. We have no behavior issues or attendance issues. We’ve been very lucky for our child’s education and teachers.

FIrefly Show In Smokies is Past Its Peak Already


Officials say due to the unseasonably warm spring, the synchronized fireflies at Great Smoky Mountains National Park are flashing earlier than ever recorded.

The shuttle service to the event site at Elkmont is still scheduled to take place from June 2-10, only for those with tickets.

Park biologists predict there may still be some activity during the weekend of June 2, but the display will be past peak. It may taper off significantly before the following weekend.

Youngest Pro Speller Ever!


Lori Anne Madison continues to dazzle and delight the crowds at the Scripps National Spelling Bee! 

Lori Anne is making history as the YOUNGEST  person to compete. On Wednesday, she spelled her first word, "dirigible," correctly.  She missed her second word though but she has set a record and the bar for fellow spellers.

The second-grader joined 277 other contestants, marking a milestone in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, according to the event's record books dating to 1993.

9 Year Old Gives Disney Trip to Fallen Soldier's Family


You won’t believe what this 9 year old boy did to give back.

His name is Brendan Haas and he earned a prize any young kid would appreciate — an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World.

Here’s what he did. He and his mother Melissa set up a a trading contest on Facebook in an attempt to trade up from a toy soldier to a Disney trip.

He got the idea from the story of a man who traded up from a red paper clip to a house.

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