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25 Words Your 2 Year Old SHould Know


If you are a parent of a 2 year old, researchers have identified 25 “must have” words that every child should be saying when they turn 2.

The researchers came up with the 25 words because they were the most commonly said of a list of 310 words that kids master when they kids start to speak.

And here’s what’s crazy, they say kids who haven’t mastered them might not just be late talkers — they could be showing signs of autism, developmental delays or hearing problems .

School Lunch


If you send your child to school with a packed lunch, most likely you are packing your child’s favorite foods and it’s probably healthy.

That’s what a mother of a preschooler in North Carolina was doing when she packed her child’s lunch.

However, the state agent who inspect school lunches at the school felt that the preschoolers lunch did not have enough nutritional value and made the child eat chicken nuggets.

Spring Break Warning



Spring break is just around the corner and I'll bet you can't wait to head out on vacation.  The sand, the surf, and the sea... BUT before you book your accommodations, take heed!  The State Department has issued a newly expanded TRAVEL warning:


They are warning that because of the high instances of drug cartel violence especially with Americans...

carjackings, kidnappings, gun battles and Highway robberies... that is best to stay out of the area. 


2012 Grammy Results!

2012 Grammy Results

Light it Up

This may surprise you.

If you were a smoker and diagnosed with lung cancer what would you do? Probably do the best you can to quit right?

Here’s the real deal. According to a new study in the American Cancer Society journal CANCER, researchers looked at 2,456 lung cancer patients and discovered, despite a cancer diagnosis, 14 percent of the lung cancer patients were still lighting up.

The study noticed many of the people who can't quit are "hard-core" smokers, i.e., they smoke a high number of cigarettes a day. Many, also, are surrounded by other smokers.

Ways to Save Big Money

Are you doling out more money than you bring in every month and need to scale way back? Fear not --here are ten drastic ways to cut your budget by $600 every month from Yahoo.com!   1. Downsize Your Home. Renters might want to look at a smaller hours or apartment --if you're overrun with clutter, go through it. The less stuff you have, the less space you'll need to live in comfort.   2. Become a Single-Car Family. This is a tough idea to swallow, but having one vehicle will save you cash and have a few side benefits like staying home more often. #!#!#   3. Stop Eating Out.

Maryville to Update Bullying Campaign?

You’ve heard us both talk about school bullying and how much it makes us sick and what can schools and parents do to try to stop bullying.

And we applaud any school district that has tough polices on any kid that bullies.

But can those policies go too far?


This week Maryville schools are considering updating their

anti-bullying policy to reflect the changes last year in the state law.


Teacher Ratings- Mid 2012

We are half way through the school year....so how do you think the year's going?  Well the data has been collected by School Officials....rating the NEW Teacher Evaluation System.   The rating is based on a 5 scale...with 5 being the TOP.  According to State Department of Education, the number of teachers getting a 5 rating varies from county to county.  Here are some of those results:


Clinton had the greatest number of teachers with a 5....46.6%


Most counties ended up with more teachers scoring a 3 rating...40-50% midrange.

Worst Boss List

At some point in your working career you’re gonna run across a boss you just can’t stand. The good news is you’re not alone, a lot of us have had a worst boss experience.

A website called eBossWatch.com keeps track of America’s worst bosses.

Since 2009 the website puts together the list of Worst Bosses of the year.

For the first time 2 East Tennessee bosses made the list of the 2011 Worst Bosses.


The winners are:

Incredible Tim Tebow Facts!

Despite how you feel about the Florida Gators, you gotta have some respect for their former quarterback Tim Tebow who is currently the QB for the Denver Broncos.

One of the biggest stories grabbing the nation's attention right now is that of Tim Tebow.

He’s been praised and criticized for his faith on the field and his inconsistent playing. He’s keeps making headlines as he pulls out improbable victories, the most recent of which was Denver's victory Sunday in their wild card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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