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Top Cyber Monday Scams!

1. Malicious Mobile Malware:  most of these are targeting our smart phones! 

Jolly advised consumers to be aware of suspicious quick response (QR) codes.

So these QR, those quick response codes, you scan them and they can take right you to a website or a coupon or to a magazine article - or right to the laps of the cyber-criminals."

Gifts For Soldiers

It always makes me feel soooooo good to see a community support their soldiers and heroes serving overseas!  And one of the very special ways to do that...is to spend them  care packages.   I received a couple care packages while I served and it was a wonderful, sweet reminder of home.

Bail Outs For The Rich!?!?

Oh...  Now this was shocking news yesterday!   Did you know our goverment has a bail out program for Millionaires?  The rich are receiving billions in taxpayer-funded support every year that helps them pay for everything from child care to bad debts to boats and vacation homes, according to a report released Monday by Sen. Tom Coburn.


We know about the BIG write offs:  gambling losses, vacation homes, and luxury yachts to subsidies for their ranches and estates.


Veterans Day 2011 Discount List


Note, some businesses offer a military discount, but don't advertise it, so be sure to ask.

SOURCE: http://www.bradsdeals.com/ 

- A&W – Discount varies, simply ask and have a valid military ID with you.

- Aeropostale – 20% off in store, just bring valid military ID

Chicken Pox Lollipop

There are some ways to make money that seem smart and others that seem really stupid.

A new trend is happening in Tennessee and it’s taking Facebook by storm.

There are many parents that don’t agree with vaccinating their children for the Chicken Pox Virus. We shared with you a couple of years ago about “Chicken Pox Parties” and how parents were purposely exposing their kids to chicken pox virus so they don’t have to get the vaccine.


Now it’s Chicken Pox Lollipops being sent in the mail.

How Safe Is Your Diet?

We all want to lose weight...whether it’s 10 lbs or 50....many of us are desperate to get the added fat off of us!  And when you see a celebrity or friend dropping the pounds .....you ask...how are you losing it?  Many of us get to willing to lose without considering the consequences to our bodies.  Weight lost doesn't always equal health gained.

Avoid A Divorce!!

Five ways to avoid divorce: 

   1. Be Thrifty. Researchers from BYU studied over 17-hundred couples and found that those who don't value money very highly score better on marriage stability tests. Materialist couples can become victims to eroding communication, poor conflict resolution and low responsiveness to each other.

Knox County Schools In Trouble

Last night, parents had a chance to weigh-in for the first time on the possibility of closing several Knox County schools.

Five schools are on the potential cut list. They include Corryton, Gap Creek, South Knoxville and Maynard elementaries, along with Vine Middle Magnet School.

Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre hosted a public listening session that focused on the $7 million budget shortfall facing the district next year and what he called "hard choices."

Being Nice At Work

Does being nice at work get you ahead at work?


After reading a study showing that nice people are at a disadvantage in the workplace, the Daily Beast's AMY REITER decided to test out the theory for herself.

First, she painstakingly eliminated "thank you" and "I'm sorry" from her vocabulary. Then she did the same thing with her e-mails. Suddenly, people started treating her better; she was respected by her colleagues and could bargain harder for what she wanted.

Mom is New to Facebook

Many of us use computers and the internet everyday, and you too may have older parents who are just now getting connected on the internet and discovering email, etc.

And Bryan’s mother is really new to the whole internet, email and Facebook thing.

Like a good son, Bryan helped his mom set up a Facebook, YouTube and email account.


So Bryan’s mom frequently calls him up to ask the most adorably clueless questions.

And sometimes those calls go to voicemail, you have to hear it this:

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