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Tax Free Weekend Information

With some schools already in session and others getting ready for the new school year, lots of you might be wondering when the Tax Holiday weekend is this year.


The State of Tennessee's Annual Sales Tax Holiday is held every year on the first Friday in August and ends the following Sunday night. This year's tax-free holiday weekend begins at 12:01 a.m on Friday, August 5 and ends Sunday, August 7 at 11:59 p.m.

Happy Shopping!

The Secrets to Weight Loss!

The definitive answer to weight-loss may just fool even the best dieters!  The latest release in the June edition of the New England Journal of Medicine is surprising and shocking.  5 doctors studied 121,000 men and women who were healthy and not overweight for a period of twenty years.  The participants were NOT given a diet or exercise plan....they simply followed their eating habits and lifestyles every two years and at the conclusion of 20 years....they published the results.


Here's what doesn't work:

*eating fewer calories

Mow to Own Plan Sounds Like a Plan!!!

Overgrown vacant lots can be an eyesore in just about any community.

But the City of Sandusky, in Ohio, has come up with a plan that improves the neighborhood and puts money back in the city.

It has just begun the Mow to Own program.

The Landbank Coordinator says the City of Sandusky has acquired more than 100 delinquent lots that are no longer generating revenue through property tax and costing the city to maintain them.

On average, it probably costs the city, $250 each time they mow a lot.

Things You Can Tell About a Man By Looking at Him

Ladies....this should make things easier when looking for "Mr. Right!"


Things You Can Tell About a Man By Looking at Him

The Heatwave and Staying Safe

Americans are hot, sweaty and cranky this week as a heat wave sweeps through at least 20 states. But do you really know how the extreme weather affects your health?

Here's the thing: While kids, the elderly and pregnant women (in the third trimester) are often at the highest risk, anyone is susceptible if they ignore the following warning signs.


Dating Rituals of the "Good ol Days"

In a enviroment of sexting and very openess in dating we always say “why can’t it be like the old days” when it comes to dating.

You might think twice about saying that after you hear what we dug up about “old timey” dating rituals. Check these out:

-) The first one was called Bundling

The Mind Game!

Mind Game:

Carry out the following test. Perform each task as quickly as possible and move on the the next. There's no need to write anything down, just do the work in your head one problem at a time. Here you go:

How much is

15 + 6

3 + 56

89 + 2

12 + 53

75 + 26

25 + 52

63 + 32

Keep going, almost done...

123 + 5

Now, quick, think about a tool and a color.





Chances are you are now thinking about a....

Do You Love Cats? Not as Much as Debbie!!!!

If you haven't seen this, you have to check it out. It starts out pretty normal but then takes a turn for the hilarious-

Introducing 2 Cellos

2 Cellos is a new European sensation who cover popular songs on dueling cellos. They will be releasing their new album next month. Here's a link to their website and below is a link to their videos, which are equally visually incredible as well as musically stunning.
Smooth Criminal- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjOQac1vOEc&feature=relmfu

Inexpensive Summer Fun!!!

While school (public school) is pretty much free, camps, vacations, afternoons at the movies, and ice cream runs aren't. Summer can be expensive! Here are seven websites that offer discounts that can help save you some cash this summer:AAA If you have a AAA card, but never think about it except when you're in need of roadside assistance, think again. Your card will get you discounts at a variety of theme parks, museums, zoos, and hotels.

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