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What is This?!?!

How to Help Boston

It’s only human nature to want to help out victims of a disaster, but tragic events also bring scam artists out of the woodwork. In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, many folks have called the radio station to ask WHERE to give. 

We had some local runners and spectators at the event....


Paul Horton of Knoxville said at the time of the explosions he was in his hotel room after finishing the race about 1.5 hours before the bombs went off.

No More Sharing?

You've heard it all before: Sharing is caring. We grew up with that philosophy but there are some "New age" moms who say NOPE! Kids don't need to learn to share.  It's hurting them in the long run.
 Pre-school daycares are instituting the rule that giving up a toy teaches another child to feel "entitled!"

So, making one child give up a toy, or share, makes the other child begin to feel and learn a sense of entitlement.

RIP Terry Morrow

News Sentinel entertainment writer Terry Morrow died Tuesday at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center from complications due to pancreatic cancer. He was 52.

Dine Out For Education

Nearly 40 Knoxville restaurants with 80 locations throughout Knox County will participate in the 10th annual Knox County Schools “Dine Out For Education” event today.

All participants have to do is eat at participating restaurants, and 10 percent of their pretax total will be donated to the Knox County Schools Partners in Education program.

Freebies on Tax Day!

The tax deadline is Monday, but there's a silver lining, a small silver lining.

Arby's restaurants that are participating are offering free curly fries and potato cakes. Also, go online and you could win a tax day prize of $500.

Cinnabon between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., participating Cinnabons, will give you two free Cinnabon bites.  

Make A Wish with Gabriella

Be sure to check out this amazing little girl on Facebook!



Girl Lifts Tractor Off of Parent!

A man who was pinned by his overturned tractor and losing breath with each scream says he was saved by his two teenage daughters.


Jeff Smith of Lebanon, Ore., was trying to pull a stump out of his garden last Monday when his muddy boot slipped off the clutch. The tractor flipped, and the steering wheel pinned his chest to the ground.

GPS Use Could Lead To A Ticket

You’ll want to pull over the next time your phone is guiding you to the closest Starbucks or In&Out Burger in California.


Changes to The National Spelling Bee

Ever wonder if those spelling bee kids know the meanings of some of those big words? Now they'll have to prove that they do.

Organizers of the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Tuesday announced a major change to the format, adding multiple-choice vocabulary tests to the annual competition that crowns the English language's spelling champ.

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