10 Most Annoying Things Men Do In The Kitchen

A survey of women by Wren Kitchens & Bedrooms has identified the 10 most annoying things men do when they step into the kitchen. Topping the list is men making a huge mess when they’re cooking, followed by not washing dishes after their partner has cooked the meal. Only 3 percent of respondents complained that their man won’t let them cook. Here's the list:

  1. The mess they make when cooking - 39 percent
  2. Leaving you to wash dishes when you've done the cooking - 27 percent
  3. Offering advice when it's not needed - 22 percent
  4. Being watched over the shoulder while they are cooking - 21 percent
  5. Adding ingredients and interfering behind their back - 16 percent
  6. Their partner being a better cook - 9 percent
  7. Cooking that tastes awful - 8 percent
  8. Cooking too slowly - 8 percent
  9. Posting pictures of meals on Facebook - 4 percent
  10. Their partner doesn't let them cook - 3 percent