Here we are a new year and you want to make some major changes...<?xml:namespace prefix = o /> If you’re a woman who has reached middle age there are 11 mistakes  women make in middle age.  Any woman over the age of forty will tell 'ya it's not a piece of cake holding it all together. Between work, family, friends and the responsibilities of life things can often slip through the cracks. 
   1.  Not Realizing You Need to Change. Hair, make-up and clothes that looked great on you in college probably aren't doing you any justice. Sadly, most women don't realize they're even making the mistakes. Take stock, treat yourself to a make-over at the cosmetics counter and take a peek through the "grown-ups" section. 
   2. Not Spending Enough on Their Clothing. There was a day when you could grab something off the clearance rack and --"ta-da" --it looked fantastic. Too bad those times are probably behind you --spend a few more bucks on well-constructed clothing and foundation garments for a remarkable difference.  
   3. Comparing Yourself to You in Your 20's. Take a walk down memory lane, but don't obsess over that pretty girl in her sorority sweatshirt. Life goes on and only supermodels can literally stop the hands of time.   
   4. Skipping Exercise. Aches and pains are part of the aging process, but don't miss that yoga class because of them! Exercise can actually relieve pain and keep conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and dementia away.    5. Not Getting Enough Sleep. Juggling life's demands is tough, but skimping on the shuteye isn't the way to overcompensate. Lack of sleep can cause some serious health complications and will take a toll on your looks!  
   6. Ignoring Your Teeth. Dental health is very important and gum disease has been associated with heart problems. Don't flake out on your semi-annual cleanings.  
   7. Overdoing Anti-Aging Efforts. Botox and facial fillers are all the rage, but take it easy. Having absolutely no lines on your face looks unrealistic --and unnatural. 
  8. Thinking There are Hair "Rules." People used to believe there was a certain age when women had to chop off their lovely long locks --luckily, that's no longer the case. Whatever your look, the best rule is to get a flattering color and cut --just be warned it's probably much different than anything you wore during the REAGAN administration.  
   9. Using the Wrong Makeup. The urge to slather on the products is quite tempting --don't! The more makeup you use, the more that will rest in the lines on your face. Apply concealer and powder with a light touch and use a magnifying mirror for assistance.  
   10. Settling For a Boring Sex Life. Women that have hit the big 5-0 get the chance to have a wonderful time in the sack --particularly because it might be the first time you're doing it for fun --not babies!   
   11. Wearing the Wrong Bra. Are you still squeezing into that bright blue, front-closure number that was a hit with the quarterback of the football team? Big mistake. Lingerie can be serious business --your body is changing, "the girls" can sag, this could lead to back problems and a good fit can mean looking svelte --or frumpy. Most department stores offer free bra-fitting services --use them!