14 Year Old Hero

Teen Rescues Kid

This is just an incredible story. So often we don’t even notice the people around us in our own neighborhoods or at the supermarket; we just walk by living our own lives.

This happened late Monday night in Troutdale, Oregon. Marcos and his dad, Eduardo Ugarte were sitting in their living room when they heard screaming down the street. 

They could have ignored it and left someone else to deal with it. Or call the cops, but Marcos took a look and what he saw made him take off running. 

A neighbors home, about 4 houses down, was on fire.

When Marcos and Eduardo got there....most of the family had gotten out but one of the little ones, Cody, had LOCKED himself in a second story bedroom.  The father had tried numerous times to get upstairs to rescue son Cody, but was unable to reach him through the thick smoke.

Eduardo tried to rescue the boy...he ran up the stairs and crawled across the floor but couldn’t get that LOCKED door open either.

So Marcos grabbed a ladder from the backyard and climbed to the second floor to the boy's room. He burst through the window and rescued the boy trapped inside.

When Eduardo looked up and saw his son...Marcos climbing into the burning home, he was in shock.

"I took the ladder, and I propped it up on the window, and I crawled up the window and punched the screen out and grabbed the 7-year-old boy -- about 7, he looked 7 -- and grabbed him and carried him down the ladder," Marcos told ABC News affiliate KATU-TV shortly after the rescue.


The Ugartes had never met the victim's family before. They shared a smile and a hello on the street, but never had a conversation. No one was hurt in the fire, although the boy was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation and later released. Authorities are still investigating what started the fire.

Eduardo is proud of his son and that he was the hero for their young neighbor.

"I think it's awesome," Ugarte said. "I hope that he would perhaps through this recognize that God has a purpose for him."

This would have been a VERY different story IF Marcos and Eduardo had not helped and been angels and heroes for that family. But,they DID something.  And Cody is alive because of it.  Never... never think someone else will do it.  Be the hero!