16 Year Old Victim Opens Up On Social Media?

Kidnap victim Hannah Anderson appeared to open up about her ordeal Tuesday on the social media question-and-answer website Ask.fm.

A person who appeared to be the 16-year-old Californian, who was rescued last weekend after being abducted by family friend James DiMaggio, said she was "answering these questions so people know the truth."

The account had been active prior to Anderson's abduction and she posted a photo of herself when users questioned the validity of the account.

Anderson explained that her family was "tricked" by DiMaggio. She wrote, "He told us he was losing the house because of money issues so we went up there one last time to support him."

When asked about what she would say to her mother and brother Ethan, who were allegedly murdered by DiMaggio, she said, "That I'm sorry it ended like that. I wish I could go back in time and risk my life and try and save theirs. I will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them." She also posted a photo of her newly painted fingernails with the caption, "Pink for my mom and blue for Ethan."

When asked if she was happy that DiMaggio was shot to death by an FBI agent or if she'd rather see him serve life in prison, she responded, "Shot him. He deserved what he got."

When someone claiming to be reporters with the Union-Times San Diego posted their phone number and offered to clear up inaccuracies in news reports, Anderson declined, writing, "No please leave me alone. All you guys don't know the story. And you don't need too. You already got things mixed up. So please just leave me and my family alone so we can heal. Thank you."