22 Year Old Poses As Student To Play Basketball!

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Oh, this was a bust  for The Ridgeway (Tenn.) High School basketball team!  Seems number 22 on the team... really was 22 YEARS OLD!  Now that's what I call a 5th year senior!  The Ridgeway High School boys' basketball roster included —22-year-old McKenzie Sewell — so Tennessee's third-ranked squad was bounced from the playoffs as a result.

Not only was he 22 years old, he was married!  And she was posing as his guardian! McKenzie reportedly faked a transcript and had his wife pose as his guardian, so he could enroll at the school and fulfill his dream of playing high school ball.  As a result of his selfishness, the No. 3 team in the state is done for the year because of their "ineligible player," and the school's administration is under fire for being fooled by Sewell.

Many on the team are mad because their chances of getting "scouted" are over!

Sources said the man was a former gang member in New Orleans and his wife signed papers saying she was his guardian."