9/11 Facts You Didn't Know

Over the past 10 years do you think you know everything about 9/11. We found this to be interesting.

New York magazine has devoted its current issue to the 10-year anniversary of the attacks, putting together an encyclopedic overview of some of the facts, figures, stories and events surrounding 9/11. Following are a few of them:

-) Only 1,629 of those killed in New York City, or about 60 percent, have been positively identified from the 21,817 remains that were recovered. The rest were given death certificates by judicial decree, with the only evidence used being their absence.

-) The oldest person killed was 85 and the youngest was 2.

-) An estimated seven percent of the dead, or about 200 people, died when they jumped from the building to escape the smoke, heat and flames inside.

-) Many of those who were officially listed as dead later turned out not to be, including some who were thought to be deceased for a year or more. One woman, Nickola Lampley, heard her name announced while watching the first anniversary ceremony, and another, George Sims, showed up at a New York City hospital 11 months after the attacks suffering from amnesia.

-) Among the large number of artifacts recovered in New York were: 4,000 photographs; 437 watches; 77 necklaces; 1,358 vehicles, including a partially melted fire truck and a damaged subway car; four autographed baseballs; and 369,036 ounces of gold from a Bank of Nova Scotia vault.

-) The bullhorn then-President George W. Bush used when he made his famous, impromptu comments to rescue workers at Ground Zero on September 14th was transferred from the National Archives in 2010 to Texas, where it will be part of the George W. Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University when it opens in 2013.