Adding Color to Food to Curb Appetite?


Could inserting color into your food help you curb your appetite?

Check this out, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University tried this color theory out and gave students one of two types of Lays' Stackable potato chips.

The first group was given a stack of chips with red dyed, edible potato chips dividers that were interspersed at several different intervals, suggesting serving sizes anywhere from 5 to 14 chips.

The other group was given the traditional stack of potato chips with no edible dividers.

Here’s what the researchers found: by inserting colored potato chips at regular intervals in the stacks it caused people to eat fewer chips overall.

In fact, the group with the edible serving size dividers reduced their potato chip consumption by 50 percent.

So, is portion control the answer to why over one-third of Americans are obese today?

The answer may just be that simple. If you compare the American and French diet, the French tend to eat smaller portions.

And the French tend to eat more slowly than Americans and savor each bite.

Interestingly, the French eat higher fat diets than Americans but they have lower rates of cardiovascular disease and higher life expectancy.