ADHD Recommendations

There are new guidelines out from the nations pediatricians and their recommendations for treating ADHD  (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

And the NEW recommendations are raising a lot of eyebrows....

Looks like the Doctors are going to EXPAND the age category for diagnosing ADHD. They USED to put that span of diagnosis between the ages of 6-12.  BUT surprisingly the medical community will NOW include ages 4-18.


So WHY?  Some folks say they just want to prescribe for PAY...ya know, make more money but pediatricians say's to get everyone together on this and include doctors, teachers, and parents.  The idea is that IF we diagnosis kids earlier that everyone can intervene if there's a bigger issue.

But what about the money...will all kids end up on Ritalin?  Right now it's a $3.4 Billion dollar industry and it will top $4 Billion by 2015.

By opening and widening the age group, pediatricians are hoping to intervene early and treat kids with behavioral therapy INSTEAD of drugs...

Currently 8% of kids HAVE ADHD.  So, start looking for the signs as early as 4 years old.