Amazing Homecoming Queen At Bolivar High

The Queen

We must salute the entire senior class of Bolivar High School this morning for something they helped accomplish last Friday. 

Kara Marcum is a down syndrome student there at the high school who loves sparkly shoes. Her smile has a way of just lighting up the hallways and it was her attitude that helped her get elected to the homecoming court, where she was hoping to trade her sparkly shoes in for a tiara and reign as Homecoming Queen. 

Her escort Friday night was Caleb McKinney, who is just one of Kara’s admirers

"She’s kind, charming, and brings everyone together with her positive attitude," he says.

Kara received a unanimous vote from the Senior class of Bolivar High and is the school’s official homecoming queen...and according to Kara, her fairytale is now complete!