Another Benefit of Coffee


It is a morning ritual at my house:the morning BREW. That delicious cup of magic makes my morning perfect.  I love the flavor... the aroma... and now I love the latest findings by the New England Journal of Medicine!  LIVE LONG DRINK HAPPY!  

The research shows, coffee drinkers live longer!  

It's a 13 year study that showed those who drank coffee had a slightly lower risk of death than others, whether they chose decaf or full-strength.

Coffee drinkers also were a little less likely to die from specific causes: heart disease, respiratory problems, strokes, injuries and accidents, diabetes and infections.

Coffee offered no protection against cancer.

Men had a 10% lower overall risk of death than those who drank no coffee, while women who drank a similar amount had a 15% lower overall risk of death.

"It's interesting that coffee is more healthful than harmful," says Frank Hu, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, who has studied the health effects of coffee, but wasn't involved in the new study.

"Just don't put in too much cream or sugar,"  "They can wash all the benefit away."