Are Animal Abusers as bad as Sex Offenders?


Most of us love animals and get very upset when you hear a story of animal abuse.

Cases like Michael Vick and the local one a couple of years ago involving the “Little Brown Dog” really get people emotional about what these people did.

So should we treat those people the same as a sex offender?

Some states think so, including Tennessee.

One county in New York has passed the Animal Abuse Registry that now requires pet stores and animal shelters to check a new animal abuse registry before selling pets to customers.   

The bill also requires sheriffs in every county to notify anyone living within a half mile of a convicted animal abuser.


How do animal abuse registries work?

They're similar to registries for sex offenders, although not identical. Convicted animal abusers' names, addresses, and photographs will be posted online. Pet stores, breeders, and animal shelters will have to check the registry and refuse to let anyone on it buy or adopt a pet. Everyone who has been convicted of a crime such as animal torture or aggravated cruelty to animals will be required in TN to check in every year like you were on probabation.


The reason for a bill like this, is public shame which has long helped discourage crime. But beyond the shame factor, the Animal Legal Defense Fund says nationwide registries would stop abusers from sidestepping court orders preventing them from owning an animal by simply moving to another county or state.


Is this really necessary?

Critics say animal abuse registries will waste the time of local law enforcement officers, time better spent protecting humans from criminals.


But supporters say reining in animal abusers also keeps people safe, because studies indicate that people who hurt animals are five times more likely than others to go on to harm humans.

  • How can you compare what a person does to an animal to a person who sexually abuses a child or an adult?
  • What if you were an 18 year old stupid college kid and you did something stupid like abusing an animal. Then 15 years later grew up realizes what he did was stupid and immature and tries to apply for a job and has this record?