ATM Malfunction


Over the weekend Brad’s friend scored some bonus cash at the ATM and kept it.

He was at a C-store and used the ATM which is owned by a larger bank here in East Tennessee.

He went in to get $20 bucks.

Of course for the convenience of getting cash he had to pay a usage fee which was pretty expensive.

Out of the cash dispenser comes the $20 he requested but also an addition $20 bill. The $20 bills were stuck together.

So he walked away with the extra $20 and debated all weekend about keeping it or not.

I told him to keep it. It’s only $20 bucks and heck, the fee the bank charged him to get $20 was crazy!

I said consider this your bailout.

So should he contact the bank or keep it?

They probably don’t even know which person got the extra $20.


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