Average Wedding Cost Jumps Up!

OH my word!  How are you folks getting by?  

THE PRICE of weddings!  HELLO!

You know the rule of thumb used to be that the parents of the bride pay for the wedding, but do folks split that now?

I was reading in USA Today and they surveyed 17,500 couples through TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com. In 2012 the average cost of a wedding was $28,000!  TheKnot.com attributed the rising costs to a trend among newlyweds to create a more fulfilling experience for guests.  I call it the "bonus bride specials"  like:transportation to the ceremony and reception, or rehearsal dinners and morning-after brunches.  They also spent more on guest entertainment that went beyond the typical band or DJ to include photo booths or caricature artistThese extra touches pushed the average per-guest cost to $204.   To put it in perspective, last year's average of $28,427 was the highest since 2008, a whopping $29,334, just before the start of the economic downturn.