Avoid A Divorce!!

Five ways to avoid divorce: 

   1. Be Thrifty. Researchers from BYU studied over 17-hundred couples and found that those who don't value money very highly score better on marriage stability tests. Materialist couples can become victims to eroding communication, poor conflict resolution and low responsiveness to each other.

   2. Work. STEPHANIE COONTZ, a family studies expert, says the divorce rate has fallen since the sexual revolution and is lowest in states where more than 70 percent of married women work outside the home. Scientists agree --one study from Pew Research Center found happier marriages in families where men tackle more housework and women make more money.

   3. Spend Time Apart. Everyone needs their own space and couples are no exception. Shared interests are important, but so is being self-reliant --for both sexes.

   4. Have Sex. Couples that are dissatisfied with their sex life are more likely to feel they have an unhappy marriage and part ways!

   5. Do Small, Recognizable Actions. Lots of research shows there's a few ways to determine the state of your marriage --how many positive versus negative interactions you have with your spouse, how you treat your partner in the first three minutes of a fight, how well you sleep and how you remember the "How We Met" story.