The Best Days For Bargains

With our tight budgets and prices skyrocketing on service, knowing WHEN to shop for a bargain is a priority!

So we’re gonna give you some tips right now on saving on groceries and gas!  These tips are straight from Yahoo’s personal finance director and she’s spent months tracking dates and prices.

She says watch out!  There really are some BETTER days to fill up and stock up on the things you need.


SO NEVER shop for groceries on Tuesdays!  
Never shop for gas on Thursday!

Tuesday and Wednesday:   BEST days to buy airline tickets  (and always shop 8 weeks in advance for your tickets)

Wednesday:  Best grocery shopping day!  (sales start and shelves are restocked from the weekends)

Monday EARLY in the day:  Scheduling surgery later in the day has a history of complications  

Once again Wednesday: The price of gas is typically 5 cents cheaper on Wednesday

Tuesday:   Best day to buy flowers