Beware of Energy Drinks

If you’ve noticed an increase in cavities with your child and they drink lots of sports or energy drinks there may be a reason why.

According to new research, those sports drinks and energy could be responsible for tooth enamel damage that increases the risk of cavities and decay.

A study in the journal General Dentistry showed that tooth enamel is damaged after being exposed to sports drinks or energy drinks for just five days, with energy drinks causing two times as much enamel damage as the sports drinks.

In the study most kids didn’t realize that something as seemingly harmless as a sports or energy drink can do a lot of damage to their teeth."

So what do you do when your active child needs to restore their energy and drinks an energy drink or sports drink? T

They recommend to rinse out their mouths with water or chew a sugar-free piece of gum right after drinking the beverages. In addition, wait at least an hour to brush your teeth after drinking the beverages, lest your toothbrush spreads the acid from the beverages all over your teeth.