Big Drinks Bring Big Controversy


Here we go again- CHOICE Is being tested!  It started in New York City and now The mayor of Cambridge has proposed limiting the size of soda and sugar-sweetened beverages sold in city restaurants.

Monday, Mayor Henrietta Davis asked the city’s health officials to make the size  recommendation at the city council proceedings citing an increased risk of obesity and diabetes as reasoning behind the resolution.

She said her proposal was inspired by a similar measure in New York City.

In New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal would prohibit licensed food service establishments in the city from using containers bigger than 16 ounces to serve high-calorie drinks like colas.

Consumers could buy another round, but restaurants couldn’t serve the 20-ounce cups now popular at fast food eateries.

I hope that if Mayor Rogero starts thinking this way that it gets voted DOWN!  What can you name that has gotten downsized that is better?  Anything?  Give me one thing that went smaller and was better that way... and don't say government!