Blount County Attendence Issues

It looks like the absentee rate for Blount County schools was extremely high on Monday due to no bus service.


This was the first of 4 days Blount County school officials decided on due to budgeting.

The Blount County Board of Education eliminated four days of regular education bus 

service in its $81million budget for fiscal year 2013-14.


Blount County Schools’ attendance rate was 51.4 percent, 5,686 of its 11,053 students showed up for school.


School officials say they are concerned about the numbers.


Director of Schools Rob Britt says the school district had a predominately bus-dependent student population. Buses transport about 70 percent of its student population.


The other three dates are: Dec. 18,March 14 and May 20. 


If a family’s circumstances prevent them from transporting their child to and from school, they are being asked to contact the school principal or write a note that the child can give to their principal.


By reducing student transportation services, they eliminated $68,000 in expenditures.


The school board’s action was part of an “overall package” to resolve a nearly $6 million

budget shortfall.


You have to wonder a few things about this.


  1. Is this political, remember the board encouraged a proposed wheel tax referendum a while back to generate revenues to cover the shortcomings in the budget. Are they punishing everyone by stopping the buses?
  2. Are parents lashing back by not making any effort to get their child to school and that’s why only 50% showed up?