Can You Help?

If you have the extra cash, maybe you can help this Knoxville family.

It's been 2 weeks since a car crash sent Megan Lindahl to a Denver hospital in critical condition.

Now her family wants to bring her back home.

"We want to get her back to Knoxville because that's where her friends are," her brother John told us. "When I first got there she had a tube in, she was in a hospital bed. She responded but it was just movement. Now to hear she's actually talking, it's amazing."

The recovery is going well, but the rehabilitation will take months.

She couldn't walk or talk after the December 11th crash. Since then, she's taken her first steps and started to speak. Family tell us she's still disoriented.

She's been accepted into the Patricia Neil Center for Rehabilitation, but the trick is getting her there.

Because of her brain injury she needs a medical transport, which isn't covered by insurance.

Friends and family are trying to raise enough to cover the $20,000 fee. They're already halfway there.

Now they need some help in order to get her home by Christmas.

They are accepting donations at Baker Peters Jazz Club on Kingston Pike, or you can call Seth Price at 865-387-2121.

Megan's parents are in Denver right now. Because of her brain injury, she is still in intensive care.