Cancer Success

This is the last week of September and next week kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  October is so very important to us because of the Race For The Cure, Oct 22 World's Fair Park. 

But this week....several newspapers reported a NEW cancer treatment! 

So exciting!  

The reports say that trials of the new radioactive treatment have been so successful they have been stopped early as it would have been unethical not to offer all the patients the treatment.

The news stories are based on a phase three trial, the results of which have been presented at a conference in Stockholm. The results show that giving a drug called alpharadin to patients with advanced prostate cancer that had spread to their bones increased the average survival (median) from 11.2 months to 14 months.

Alpharadin is made of a substance called radium 223-chloride and emits alpha particles of radiation – an extremely damaging type of radiation. Alpharadin travels to areas of high bone growth: in this case, the cancer growing in bones.

The increase in survival of the patients treated with alpharadin is significant. So you say well...what is a phase 3 trial, a stage at which researchers test the safety and efficacy (how well it works) in a large

The treatment has not yet been approved by any regulatory authority so it is difficult to say when alpharadin might be available.

There's a way to help though and that's thru research...and they need money for that....that's why it's so important to join us or give to the Race For The Cure