Cerebral Palsy Kid Scores!


This story shows you there is still some good in this world.

It’s about 8th grader Jack McGraw who has dreamed of scoring a touchdown for his football team at Haines Middle School in St. Charles, IL.

For Jack, his was a dream, however, that seemed unattainable.

But Jack never gave up, and refused to let his dream die.

So here Jack is, all dressed up, on the field and as the ball is snapped. The quarterback steps back and hands the ball to Jack.

Jack grabs that ball with all his mite and heads towards the end zone. And Jack makes it and 6 points are put on the board.

Now, you might be saying okay what’s the big deal.

Jack is reliant on a wheelchair to get around due to a very rare case of cerebral palsy.

Thanks to his coaches, his teammates and the coaches and members of the opposing team — Batavia’s Rotolo Middle School — Jack scored the first touchdown of his life last week during the St. Charles/Haines Middle School Football Invitational Tournament.

The St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 Board of Education on  recognized Jack, his coaches and teammates at Haines, and the Rotolo Middle School football team and coaches for the display of character, compassion that came together to fulfill a dream, against the odds.


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