The Chain Gang Saves Lives


This was such a strange thing that happened in Gaston, Oregon Saturday night that you almost have to do a double take when you hear it. 

It was down at the lake near one of the picnic areas where you had a couple of families having reunions and the kids were running and playing when suddenly one of the little 6 year olds disappeared in the lake. That’s when the other children noticed their sibling was actually out in the deep water and in trouble, sinking fast! So the siblings jumped in and tried to help but one by one they began to disappear. In total, 8 kids (ages 6 -13) dropped down and were caught in the struggle to survive...

The adults were frozen in fear because they had no idea what was happening to the children. Was there something in the water? Electricity? An animal dragging them under?


BUT then, the CHAIN happened as described by Michelle Rushing on how they saved them..

The adults formed a human chain and pulled them out 1 by 1 until all had been pulled safely to shore off that steep drop-off that was taking them under.

Only 2 of the children had to be resuscitated before the ambulance got there. All the kids were taken to the hospital as a precaution. 3 adults had to be pulled from the water as well. In total, they rescued 11 people from the water!


Every one is fine now, but this could have been a tragedy without the heroes from both families. 


Quick note:  NONE of the children were wearing life jackets.