Chapman Highway


If you travel on Chapman Highway, have you noticed the new improvements?

After so many accidents  TDOT has made some changes to turn a dangerous road into something safer.

It was the deadly wreck in September prompted calls for change.

That accident was caused by a vehicle crossing over the center line.

Last week TDOT finished their improvements and it appears residents near the section of road are not happy.


The improvement was… a rumble strip in the center line to alert a driver that they are crossing the center line.


This is far from what many people wanted like wider lanes, a turn lane and a speed limit change.

T-DOT just completed a seven mile stretch of rumble stripe, or grooved markings, down Chapman Highway.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol says the grooved stripe is a good safety improvement for the accident prone stretch of road.

"They can be very helpful for some distractions going on in the car, you drift over, you hit 'em, you look up and you may have time to correct whatever action is going on there," explained Lt. Don Boshears.


But would that rumble strip stop the accidents from happening? I don’t think so.