Check Your Blind Spot!

The Blind Spot


When you buy a vehicle, what do you look for?  Great gas mileage? Style or make?  Color?  Affordability and Price? 

Here’s a feature you probably never thought about. It’s what you can’t SEE!  The blind spots! 

Every week, at least 50 children are killed or injured because they are backed over by drivers. Vehicle blind spots are to blame and in some newer model cars blind spots are getting worse. 

Here’s a good rule: the taller and longer the vehicle- THE BIGGER the blind zone!  In some SUV’s that blind zone behind you could be a long as 50 feet.  That’s 50 feet that you CAN’T see directly behind you.


Worse vehicles:

Pick up trucks had the worst blind spots: usually about 50 ft. 

Then large SUV’s, minivans, and then sedans.


The best thing to have is the camera on the back. 

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