Choosing Just One

When I first read about this...I wondered...HOW could you ever choose or make this decision...until I read the stories.


It's called the "Two-Minus-One Pregnancy."  Yes, it is what you think.  Parents... mothers having to decide to end one of the twins during pregnancy.  Having to choose to abort one so that the other fetus can survive.  I can only imagine the agony a mother...a father...and a family goes through when this happens.  How often does it happen?  At one medical center alone....New York's Mount Sinai Medical Center...38 in one year.  38! and that's just one facility!  Then I started to wonder WHAT could be going wrong with so many pregnancies that Mother's had to go through this....until I read the reasons...


1. The mother was 45 years old and already had children. She felt financially insecure, as well as, too old to have twins.

2. The mother was known as a “good parent,” highly devoted to her children. Pregnant with twins, she decided she couldn’t be equally devoted to two more; just one.

3. The mother already had a son. Then she got pregnant with twins; a boy and a girl. She chose to keep the girl.

4. Many of these mothers were in their 2nd marriage and already have kids from their previous marriages. Twins would have been too complicated, compared to only one more addition to the family.

5. Some were single mothers.

6. Some mothers did not want to jeopardize their education.

7. Some did not want to jeopardize their careers.

8. One woman’s husband was an officer in the Army, fighting in Iraq. They already had a few kids. Twins were too much a risk if something happened to her husband.


I am horrified by these justifications!  There are some seriously selfish women out there.