Coats For Charity

This past weekend, I had to make a quick trip to Wal Mart… And I guess everyone is starting their holiday shopping early cause this place was packed. It was the Wal Mart off Clinton Highway and as I was finishing up my shopping I was doing the dreaded check out lane dance, you know, the one where you dart across the front of the store from line to line trying to find the shortest one! Well I finally found a line with just two older ladies in it and I quickly got behind them. That’s when I noticed it: They had two buggies full of winter coats. And I mean full.  They were both stacked up as tall as I am. And these weren’t cheap coats either; they were ringing between 30 and 50 dollars apiece. It was then I noticed something peculiar, instead of the clerk scanning all the coats having a scowl on his face because of how many he had to ring up, he had the biggest smile and seemed to take a lot of pride in what he was doing. He was casually conversing with the first of the two ladies as the second lady stood patiently watching. I got curious at this point, if not a little nosey and I asked the second lady what in the world she could possibly need all those coats for. That’s when I was floored.

These two ladies were buying all of these winter coats for the homeless. They planned to go straight to the mission upon leaving Wal Mart to hand out the coats… FOR FREE. That’s when I noticed their bill, it was well over $1500! Taken aback by the kindness, I asked what organization they were from. Once again, I was floored: No business, no church, no community club- just two neighbors who had lost both of their husbands a couple of years ago who decided to do this with each other each year in the memory of their spouses.

They finished and left and I checked out and headed back to my truck and when I got in, I couldn’t help but smile and say a prayer of thanksgiving. It was like I had just witnessed something magical and it renewed my faith in humanity… and reminded me how blessed I am! It was so amazing to see good in the world, and it truly reminded me what this week is all about: Being thankful for what you have…