Cookware Help Wanted!

Cooking 101

I have a question and perhaps you have some good advice for me on cooking and cookware!  I will preface this with: You know how I love those infomercials!

Okay, so 10 years ago I went Calphon (the non-stick gray look) in my cooking.

But I noticed after years there were little gray flakes coming off in my food!

So I looked around and there are so many choices! Anolon... Circulon... Hard-anodized... Porcelain... and when I decided to replace my cookware, everyone was raving about stainless steel! 

So I have stainless steel... and I am still not happy! 

Maybe I am cooking wrong but I find it hard to not burn my food and not burn the pans!


And now there’s... and don’t laugh... that Stonedine that I am seeing...


Check it out HERE


I looks perfect!  So, is it?  What do you use?  Can you give me any tips about the stainless steel? Help me out on the Ashley and Brad Facebook Page!