Dangerous of Chapman Highway


Sunday's deadly accident involving a church van has renewed concerns about the safety of Chapman Highway.

The accident that killed Jeff Tussell and Courtney Kaliszewski near Zion Hill Church Road has some history to it.

According to Tennessee Highway Patrol, there have been more than two dozen wrecks in that same area in the last five years.

In a report from THP, there have been 27 accidents since 2007 in the half-mile section of Chapman Highway between Old Zion Hill Road and Zion Hill Church Road.

The wrecks resulted in one fatality in 2007 and 11 injuries. That information does not include the two deaths from Sunday's wreck or the several injuries.


Drivers say after every wreck people complain about the highway.

What’s the issue?

-) Speed

-) Lack of turn lanes

-) No dividing median


According to Tennessee Department of Transportation, that section of Chapman Highway sees an average of 14,000 cars per day.

There’s a petition that was started after this weekend's accident, nearly 30 people have signed a petition on Change.org calling on local lawmakers to redesign the highway.